5 Unique Details That Will Take Your Wedding To The Next Level

While weddings are based on tradition, your special day doesn’t have to be confined to the same old standards. You can take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary by integrating unique features and personal details. From invitations to your getaway car, give your wedding the wow-factor it deserves. Here are some tips on how you can make your wedding exceptionally glamorous and memorable.

1. Personalized Invitations

Your invitations give your guests the first impression of what you’re wedding will be like. Skip the mass-produced, printed invites and opt for a more intimate, specialized form. Find an artist who can design a personalized invitation in artful calligraphy lettering. Calligraphy gives your invitations an artisan look and feel that your guests will appreciate. You can find a calligraphy artist online through websites like Etsy. If calligraphy doesn’t feel special enough, find an artist who can create painted bride and groom portraits on your invitation. Rifle Paper & Co. has artists who will draw out portraits of you and your honey surrounded by their signature floral illustrations. Not only is this fabulous portraiture invitation going to impress your guests, it’s a fun medium to capture what you and your partner look like during your wedding year.

2. Ceremony Arbor

To enhance the look of your ceremony, install an opulent, floral arbor to frame you and your love as you exchange your heartfelt vows. A handmade arbor, situated at the end of the aisle, is a gorgeous feature that will take your ceremony’s aesthetic to the next level. You can implement this feature at your venue by bringing your desired arbor frame and then having your florist design an arrangement around the frame.

3. Upgraded Reception Decor

Your reception is a time for your guests to party in an environment that is decorated for luxurious fun. Beyond a champagne tower, elaborate floral arrangements and an impressive cake, integrate unique elements that will make the party pop. For lighting, upgrade to an elaborate chandelier fixture that will provide bold lighting perfect for dining and dancing. Get your guests onto the dance floor with some personalized floor decals. Dance floor decals are essentially large, removable stickers that you can design with the initials of you and your partner and a creative wedding reception catchphrase.

4. Photo Booth

Help your guests capture the special moments of love and joy with a reception photo booth. Rather than making a photo backdrop, opt for an authentic booth that provides guests with prints of their pictures, right after they take them. You can add a unique twist to make your photo booth investment worth it: use the photo strips as guest book signatures. Your guests can hold onto one strip and then hang the guestbook copy on a designated wall or photo tree.

5. Getaway Car

getaway car is a traditional wedding element, but you’d be remiss to not be sent off in style. Choose a unique getaway car that reflects the personalities of you and your sweetie. For example, if the two of you are avid cyclists, ride off into the sunset on a tandem bicycle. Alternatively, if you love the finer things in life, rent a vintage Aston Martin or Rolls Royce to take you away. Adorn the back of the car with something a little more sophisticated than a sign and cans — create a laurel out of greenery that can frame your calligraphy-written “Just Married” banner.

There are multiple ways for you to take your wedding to the next level. By implementing surprisingly delightful elements before the wedding, during the ceremony and at the reception and as you depart, you will enhance your own experience of the event and give your guests something to remember.