In trend wedding bouquets

Wedding flowers are going to be appreciated all the time, no matter what; also, flowers will not loose their style. In the latest period you must have observed how everybody emphasized personalizing all the wedding elements and you could see bridal bouquets that are more and more creative, in different sizes and dimensions. Here are the most recent tendencies when it comes to flower arrangements and pieces of advice on how you can carry these with you.

The bridal bouquet in shape of a purse

The wedding is probably the only event that you’re going to attend to, without having a purse in your hand (of course, there are some exceptions as well). In the case in which you don’t feel in your ease, this type of bridal bouquet is going to be exactly what you’re expecting it to be. The style of the bridal bouquet can have a variety of shapes like the usual purses have, from elegant envelopes, to the charming purses that have as handle pearl necklaces or ribbons.

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Wedding bouquet

This type of bridal bouquets can be used in any model of wedding dress, showing a little bit of individuality. Pay attention to the size: a larger one is going to look too stuffed, especially if you’re a mignon bride.

The little bag

The bridal bouquet that is placed in a little bag confers you a delicate air and it’s usually made of flowers arranged in a spherical shape; this bridal bouquet is attached to the hand through a ribbon. This can be sustained on the hand wrist while you’re dancing, you eat or you make the wedding toast. Due to the fact that it’s comfortable, this kind of wedding bouquet is really appropriate for the flower girls or the junior bridesmaids, in order to avoid loosing or altering the bouquets that they may have!

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Wedding bouquet

This last wedding bouquet can be realized in all kinds of colors and from different species of flowers, or you can accessorize it with pearls or crystals in order to confer them a unique aspect. This type of wedding bouquet is going to be appropriate with ball wedding gowns or with those in the 50s style (vintage wedding dresses), which are really fashionable in our days.
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These two examples seem to us the most effective suggestions to take into consideration and we assure you that they’re really popular nowadays!