Statement earrings

Are you the type of bride that wishes to impose herself in the wedding day? Then the statement pieces of jewelry are considered a must have. You have the absolute need for a drop of passion and opulence and the color in a gorgeous design.

Erickson Beamon seems to have launched an impressive collection of statement jewelry that is going to be in the center of attention no matter if you’re a bride or a woman who is into the fashion elements.

statement earrings

Here’s how we thought it would be a really great idea to share with you some statement jewelry that can be worn in the wedding day and you can definitely take into account! So, we would like to start with a pair of earrings that are made with pearls, precious stones and gold. This pair of earrings is made in such a manner as to create an interesting visual effect. The earrings are long and with pearls attached all around their surface and at the basis you can see hanging a precious stone that has the shape of a tear drop!
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There’s the other pair of earrings which we want you to take into account and it’s also made in a gorgeous manner. Of course, if you apply for wearing it there’s no need of wearing other accessories, because this pair is full of details and applications. For instance, one earring is made of a long teardrop made in a red tone with gold lines on it. all around this long teardrop made in red there are long leafs made of gold and you can see attached some small shells as well and on the superior side you can observe a blue tone with the pin that is attached to the ear. Indeed, gorgeous pair of earrings that we hope you fall in love with!

statement earrings 2

In case you’re looking for something more exotic and that offers you an interesting look then the following pair of earrings that we want to offer as a suggestion is definitely suitable! We’re speaking about a pair that is long and it’s designed with blue, green, yellow and white stones.

statement earrings 3

All of these compose a really interesting accessory to take into account and we’re sure that you’re not going to regret wearing! You can see a teardrop detail at the basis of this pair, made of a blue tone and in the superior side there are multiple colored stones that create like an inflorescence and it’s indeed a nice visual effect created.

Certainly with one of these pairs of statement earrings you’re going to be a special bride and really trendy in the same time!