The royal wedding of the Prince of Monaco

It seems that 2011 isn’t marked only by the grand wedding of Kate and William, there’s room for another wedding that has been on the lips of many people. We’re speaking about royalty again and this time, we’re speaking about the Prince Albert de Monaco who has planned an interesting wedding characterized by greatness.
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So, let’s talk a little bit about this marvelous event, shall we? It seems that similarly to the bridal gown for Kate, the piece has been made in secret, but designed by Giorgio Armani. It is well known that between Charlene and Armani can be seen a friendship relation, declaring herself between the biggest fans of the designer – this is probably why she has chosen to realize the bridal gown in this fashion house. This has not eliminated the speculations of the press who has believed that she would renounce to the fashion house, due to the fact that Kate wore in the bridal day, a gorgeous piece that was also signed Armani.

the royal wedding of the Prince of MonacoCredit
The royal wedding of the Prince of Monaco

After the big event of getting married in front of the law, Charlene Witstock (the Olympic swimmer of South – African origin) and Prince Albert were the protagonists of a gorgeous religious ceremony. The event took place in the imposing hall of the royal palace and has gathered music, fashion, sports stars, but also some members of the European Royal Houses.

Between the most important names that came at the royal wedding we can recall: Roger Moore, Bernadette Chirac, Giorgio Armani, Jean Michelle Jarre, Karolina Kurkova, Karl Lagerfeld and many, many others.

Even though some voices admitted that the bride is going to renounce to the bridal gown signed by Giorgio Armani, she still kept her preferences by wearing an impressive wedding dress signed Giorgio Armani, with a cathedral bridal veil and a flower tiara applied in the bun. Here are some neat ideas that are important to be recalled about the royal bridal gown: they used about 80 meters of silk, about 40.000 Swarovski crystals that were applied in approximately 2.500 hours.

Now, let’s mention some things about the details concerning what did the groom wear. So, he dressed a white uniform with the royal medals, the Order of Grimaldi, The Order of Saint Charles and the Legion of French Honor.

Approximately 8.000 citizens of the place were present in front of the big screens that presented live the wedding of the two and then the march of the bride and groom towards the Saint Devote Cathedral, the local patron.

This is where the bride has placed her bridal bouquet, a similar act to that of Princess Grace in 1956.

After the religious ceremony, the bride and groom and the guests rejoice a meal that was realized by the famous chef Alain Ducasse and by a fireworks show in front of the Monte Carlo Opera.

Let’s something about the menu of the royal wedding, shall we? Well, the menu has been prepared by the well known chef who is recognized for all his dinners, which were organized in special occasions; the main ingredients used in the dishes are based on well known components in the area.

It seems that the ingredients were taken from the prince’s garden, some hours before the wedding reception, the fish was fresh caught and the honey used is from their own hives. The champagne was brought from the North side of France and a particular type of wine, red and African for celebrating the bride.

Besides the names already mentioned, among the celebrities we can also recall names like Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni, Demi Moore, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher. Also, who said that is awkward to have exes invited at the wedding reception? It isn’t quite in this way, because an important guest is Naomi Campbell who is the ex of the prince.

It seems that not only Kate and William had a magical wedding! These characters can also be included in the top list for amazing wedding receptions and an amazing event! We’re sure that there were many people who stood in front of the TV or on the web, especially to observe the wedding and see how the bride was dresses or how many people attended the grand event.

On top of all, behind this gorgeous event there’s also a nice love story, which is as fascinating as that of the English famous couple who made their wedding recently.