Wedding favors with musical theme

Wedding favors should respect as well the general theme of the wedding with music theme, so you can even offer candy made like musical notes, miniature instruments or vinyl disks with reduced dimensions on which you can place the elements concerning the wedding.

The more inventive you are in choosing the wedding favors, the more your guests are going to remain with something useful, but neat in the same time, that recalls of the special event that they’ve taken part of. If you want to be careful with your guests you can offer them personalized CDs with a part of the songs singed at your wedding.

wedding favors with musical theme

Try to vary the range of decorations used, by ripping the monotony with color accents which are contrasting (you can opt for musical scores) bringing changes in the style throughout the night (everything can be accompanied with surprise decorations).
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Use the same thematic for highlighting the area in which the wedding takes place, from the indicators used for guiding the guests to the ribbons used for delimiting the areas.

For indicators, talk with the invitations suppliers, they will surely going to help you realize symbols really similar that are going to help your guests. The ribbons can be realized custom made and they can perfectly imitate musical scores.

wedding favors with musical theme 2

Try including a series of special details on the tables and in the area in which, you the bride and the groom are going to spend much of their time. even if you’re going to be the main point in the wedding, it’s better to assure yourself that the guests are going to find you immediately- you can use color variations, accentuated in that area, but also imposing decorations, central pieces which are bigger or smaller, from flowers that are varied.

As you can observe it’s not hard to realize some wedding favors that have as main theme music- the main idea is to use your imagination as much as possible and we’re certain that you have plenty of it.

You can also apply for gingerbread figurines that are covered with a special substance and these figurines should be made in shapes of musical notes. So many details and elements that need to be taken into account- so many things that you have to know….

wedding favors with musical theme 3

How about that? Do all these pieces of information seem interesting enough to you? Well, they should be and let’s also mention that the main idea is to create as many interesting things as possible- in order to take the breath of those participating at your wedding and you can be certain that you’re going to end up being successful!