Mistakes to avoid in wedding flower arrangements

When the couple picks the wedding flower arrangements they have to keep in mind some ideas and thoughts in order to avoid mistakes that will be reflected on their entire wedding reception.

mistakes to avoid in wedding flower arrangementsCredit
Mistakes to avoid in wedding flower arrangements

Here are some ideas that reflect the most common mistakes couples do when it comes to wedding flower arrangements. So, they don’t:

1. Imagine the wedding reception salon with the guests inside it

Most of the people don’t see things wide. The exercise with which you have to start is to imagine the wedding reception room full of people and with the wedding flower arrangements placed where you want them. The main idea is to visualize whether these are placed in the right spot and don’t cover the front side of the guests or feel uncomfortable in a way or another. Even if you have decided to apply for a wedding venue that is all about wide windows and from which you can admire the ocean or a lake, if you create a barrier with the wedding flower arrangements, this won’t be a great thing at all!

2. Communicate well enough with the florist

When you enter a florist shop and you have certain demands for the bridal day, you have to expose them clearly to the florist. If he or she doesn’t do the job as you wished, then ask to remake the flower arrangement in as many ways it’s possible, up to obtaining the final visual effect that you have wished for – or if he or she offers a way better suggestion, go for it. The wedding vendors that you apply for, have to be ones who have recommendations, so in this way you can stay chill and obtain the breathtaking effects that you have always been dreaming of.

3. Save money by re-using the wedding flower arrangements

The religious ceremony lasts for about an hour maximum and you have ordered the wedding flowers in the same color tones as the ones used in the wedding reception. Don’t throw the flowers away, it’s a waste of money and in the same time it’s a pity not to re-use them, because we are sure they did not fade away. Move the wedding flowers from the altar on the tables of the wedding reception or in different sides of the wedding reception room.

4. Book the florists between the first wedding vendors

It’s essential to book the florist for the wedding day, as well as the other wedding vendors, in order to draw a line and see what their costs are. Even if you consider that it’s not a cost to be taken into account that much, we would like to emphasize that it is indeed between the most important issues in a wedding and you should pay extreme attention to it.

5. Involve their flexibility

If a bride wants a particular wedding flower arrangement and she asks the florist to do it, then it’s no problem, but she has to be really flexible in the same time. Yes, the florist can suggest you a particular way of blending flowers for the wedding flower arrangement and he or she knows pretty well what she is talking about.

6. Take into account expensive flowers

Yes, flowers like orchids, callas or peonies tend to be more expensive than others and couples avoid them. They would rather consider such flowers for wedding arrangements: they occupy a bigger surface and they look better in the pieces of décor, because they have a well emphasized bud.
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7. Use multiple colors

The great thing about wedding flower arrangements is that they permit you to play with your imagination and with colors. So, when you create a piece of décor, or you order one, think of multiple colors for being combined in that particular wedding arrangement. Another idea is related to the bridesmaid dress and the bridal bouquet: make the flower arrangement in a different tone.

8. Avoid flowers that are too scented

The idea of a wedding flower arrangement as a centerpiece that has a strong scent sounds dazzling, but it isn’t quite a great idea. Think that between your wedding guests could be one who has a particular allergy and for this matter you have to resume to pretty smelling flowers with a strong odor in the bridal bouquet or in the wedding flower arrangements on the altar.

9. Take care of their flower buds

All the flowers are great looking and they smell in a gorgeous way, but not all are that resistant. So, when you make a pick, be sure that you choose the most resistant flowers for the bridal day!