Wedding flower centerpieces 2

We promised to continue with some other examples of wedding flower centerpieces and we hope that you enjoyed our previous article on this subject and hopefully you will enjoy this new one, as well.
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We begin with a fine example that consists of a small pot filled with rose buds. This pot is wrapped with large leaves in a very fresh and green tone. It has a cylindrical format and you can observe how the leaf wrapped around it is fixed with the help of a thin red ribbon. Let us also mention that the rose buds are bloomed and you can place an accessory in shape of a butterfly or a bumblebee on one side of the arrangement.

wedding flower centerpieces 2

Take several of these pots and arrange them in a pleasant manner on the table in order to create a nice visual effect.

Similar to the arrangement presented above we found another one that is made of glass. This cylindrical container has a big leaf placed on the interior together with water. Also, fill this vase with differently colored flowers that come in various species and, here and there, place some long and thin leaves.

wedding flower centerpieces 2 2

Here is a delicious idea that will definitely catch your attention from the first moment. It is pretty colored and it has some sweet elements in it, too. We are talking about a wide cylindrical vase that is made of transparent glass. Fill this container with colored jellybeans and above place daisy buds in order to match with the pretty looking colors used for the arrangement.

wedding flower centerpieces 2 3

The next wedding flower centerpiece we want to present you has a touch of home coziness and it looks delightful. It consists of a wooden bowl that is filled with different elements like flowers and many other details that go well together. You can blend all kind of details in this type of arrangement and you are surely going to end up with wonderfully designed centerpieces.

wedding flower centerpieces 2 4

Our last suggestion of such flower arrangement denotes simplicity, it is affordable and it does not require a lot of effort to realize it.

wedding flower centerpieces 2 5

Take a transparent glass vase and fill it with water. Place some great looking daisies in spicy tones in it and add some great looking green plants as a final touch. The result: a neat wedding flower centerpiece that will catch everyone’s eye.