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5 Offbeat, Fun & Unique Honeymoon Ideas

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Are you trying to plan your honeymoon adventure and you haven’t a clue on where to go? Are you sick of hearing about all of your friends going to this or that “all-inclusive” beach resort and you’ve been enough to know you want to experience something a bit different when it comes to this magical experience? Well, sit back, relax and take a peek at these 5 offbeat, fun and unique honeymoon ideas that may just strike a chord in your travel plans.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

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Grab a cabin and sneak away to this scenic escape in the heart of the USA. Summertime weather is sweet but if you go during the colder months when the snow is falling you’ll be able to hitch a real-life sleigh-ride through all that glistening white haze or even a canoe ride through Jenny Lake. It’s romantic here, it’s cozy here, it’s just as relaxing as a seaside view but with even more to see and do.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Denmark may not be the most obvious choice for a honeymoon but that’s precisely why we love it! A cottage near the beach, botanical gardens, constant music festivals and castles to see too, this Scandinavian country is a must-see. And let’s not forget to mention the food, with hundreds of restaurants to try out and explore.

New England Cruises  

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Cruises can be a phenomenal experience and completely stress-free. It gives you that all-inclusive feeling with even more luxury. You’ll have activities both on and off the ship, but the destinations and ports are what you should look at. We choose a New England trip. With ports like Boston, New York and even taking a ride up to Canada, you’ll get to experience places that aren’t synonymous with a typical honeymoon.

The Cook Islands

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Fifteen islands set in the Pacific, grab a bungalow for a romantic time on the water or go exploring for a bit. The remoteness of this destination will give you that much more time and attention to give each other. You’ll have time to visit some of the local markets (black pearls are their trademark souvenir), snorkel and hike some of the tropical trails.

Nashville, Tennessee 

Nashville Tennessee Honeymoon

Southern hospitality will be waiting for your in this ever-growing US destination. You’ll be able to grab tickets to a show, visit the honky-tonks downtown, grab some biscuits at Loveless cafe and make sure to save some time for some historical fun at the Country Music Hall of Fame and even The Hermitage house.