Wedding invitations with fairytale theme

The wedding invitations are essential when it comes to a wedding ceremony. This is the first contact that you have with your guests and in the same time you tie a bond with the future guests that are going to attend your wedding. Also, make sure that the wedding invitation that you send will also have an answer….

wedding invitations with fairytale theme

In the following lines we’re going to offer you some suggestions in what concerns the ways in which you can be unique with the first step that you take when it comes to what you apply for when it comes to wedding invitations.
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We should start with our first suggestion of wedding invitations, which is matrioska. This is a wedding invitation that incites to fairytales and it’s under the format of a matrioska. Such a souvenir is going to surely catch the interest of your guests who are going to discover a doll after another and up to ending up with the essential message. If you can’t find these dolls or if their price seems to be over the budget you can keep the original idea, using small boxes in diverse dimensions and that imitate the model of a treasure chest.

And if you want to offer totally the charm of the childhood and especially the moment in which you used to tell stories, you can offer the invitation in the format of pies with small fortune tellers in them. Obviously, this thing has to be sufficiently big to place all the message there, hidden between the piles of baked apple with cinnamon, nuts and caramelized sugar. If you add this moment a little bit of warm wine or hot chocolate, you can be sure that this will recall the moments in which you used to listen stories next to the stove.

Message in a bottle….

wedding invitations with fairytale theme 2

The messages sent by the sailors in the bottle seem to be seen really interesting throughout the time. The medieval practice keeps its authenticity today through the fabulous that it expresses: the fact that the person who sent the message succeeded in receiving the message sent on the sea and ripped from the magical fairytales with a happy ending. The wedding invitation under the format of a message in a bottle is going to incite this time as well from the magical stories with a happy ending.

The wedding invitation under the format of a message in a bottle is going to invite this time as well at a happy start. Use a paper in tones of beige and brown, which create the impression of old and handwrite the text of the invitation. You have think at a formula as close as possible from the favorite story, for a classical text, found in many invitations, especially if it’s from the typewriter it’s going to diminish the aesthetic message.