Models of menus for a wedding 2

We continue our list of menus, that is great looking menus that will be delightful for your eyes and maybe you consider taking them into account.

The first model is made of cardboard and here’s a neat idea: place it into a nice looking envelope that is tied around with a ribbon. Also, the menu has nice patterns on it, ones that imitate some rose buds. Your guests will not probably know what this envelope contains and they will be delighted to see that you’ve got a menu there.

models of menus for a wedding 2

The next type of menu is ideal for a wedding that has the main theme a marine one. Take a sheet of cardboard and print some motifs on it: like stars or clams and begin putting all your foods there with a nice writing. You should simply place this menu on the table and you can be sure that the effect will be positive.

models of menus for a wedding 22

Another great looking menu is under the format of a postcard that opens. Make it from white cardboard and you can also attach a nice looking ribbon there that ends with a delightful bow.
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Black and white again! Make sure though it’s more black than white. Use the format of a postcard and on the exterior side of the cardboard there should be some nice floral motifs. The writing should be a classical one in an italic format with beautiful curves, which resemble the wonderful shapes of a flower and its leaves.

models of menus for a wedding 23

Another black and white model is made of a white cardboard with black frame and nice handwriting on it. Put this menu in a nicely looking support, made of white fabric and with neat curves. All should look delightful and if you have some floral arrangements around then it’s perfect!

models of menus for a wedding 24

As you can see there are numerous models of such menus and we feel like sharing them with you. We think that you should take into consideration all these examples and maybe apply for similar models. We’ve mentioned various times that you should personalize all the details regarding your wedding.

Every now and then we need a personal touch in the things we intend on doing, and not only in this beautiful event, in many other fields…. You should also think of an idea that will amaze your guests and a thing that they never encountered before in any other wedding.

models of menus for a wedding 25

Think of all the events you’ve been to and what you’ve wanted to see there. Use this idea and create a ceremony that will be unforgettable for all the persons involved in it! Good luck in choosing the appropriate details and in making them highlight your personality and the way you perceive things. Also, we promise to continue this list of great looking menus with many other interesting examples….