The wedding menu 3

We promised to continue with presenting you the menu and we’re back with this topic with the idea of helping you and sharing all the pieces of information that you need in order to end up with a successful wedding and not only.

The dishes presented in the last topic could be served as snacks and we’re certain that these sound pretty nice and not that expensive in the same time. In fact, these aren’t expensive at all and that’s exactly why we suggest them to you, because we only want you to take only the cheapest tricks and hints and end up with a gorgeous wedding.

The next dish, after the snack is this one: trout fillet with potato crust and nuts, lemon sauce, mushrooms and carrots sauté and green beans. This particular dish is really tasty and you won’t encounter any dislikes, because it’s still good looking and really consistent in the same time.

the wedding menu 3

The other dish consists of pork sirloin with berry sauce and this type is served on potato rounds. You can also attach to this dish bread, fruits and let’s not forget the tip of the iceberg- the wedding cake.
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We have some other suggestions that concern the menu and we’re sure that you’re going to find these examples interesting as well. So, there’s the Waldorf salad, a cocktail with choose and pepper, spreads with ham, roulade with calf and olives, tart with fish paste, roulade with cheese and ham paste and rosie cherry.

There’s also an intermediate dish that consists of traditional food and we’re certain that this sounds pretty interesting. If you don’t like that idea of making something traditional for your wedding day then you can apply for something that is really consistent and we’re certain that this will sound interesting as well.

There’s also another suggestion that we have for you: chicken with mushrooms and wrapped in ham. This one is garnished with spaghetti, vegetables, and mashed potatoes with truffles. There’s also the bread, fruits and the wedding cake.

the wedding menu 3 2

No matter on what type of menu you decide we’re certain that you’re going to offer your personal touch and the result will be a really interesting one. We hope that you enjoyed reading about all these dishes and maybe you think of mixing some of the foods proposed here…. It’s indeed something you definitely can do and you have to use your imagination as much as possible. That’s the most important thing in a wedding sometimes: using your ideas and blending them with ours if you take into account all the things mentioned here.

Indeed, we’re sure that all the things exposed here were useful and we would like you to find them as a good starting point when it comes to the wedding menu.