The wedding menu 2

Even if towards the end of the organization of the entire wedding your budget becomes smaller and smaller, this doesn’t mean that you have to renounce at the idea of having the perfect wedding. You can realize all that you’ve proposed with a small budget. Even some of your guests avoid confirming their presence at the wedding due to financial motifs you shouldn’t cut them from the list. Calm yourselves and adapt the menu to everybody’s possibilities. They don’t need to find out about your financial problems as well, all consists in being patient, organized and handy.

First of all, you have to go to the salon or restaurant that you’ve chosen for your wedding day and try renegotiating the menu and the price. In general, the restaurants have to start a new strategy that concerns price reductions in order to maintain their clients; they also should apply for a new formula of menus that don’t need extra expenses when it comes to the food and employers. It seems that restaurants and salons are affected by the economical crisis as well and this means that you have to take advantage of the situation.

the wedding menu 2

The wedding menus should contain, as we mentioned in the other articles, foods that are really easy to be made and in quantities to rest a stomach. You have to take into account that the idea of filling plates only with food and offer the impression of richness isn’t a great concept. Think that you’re going to fill trash cans with all kinds of residues and this means some money spent without head. The people participating at your wedding, the guests that is…. Should be there in order to support you and your new family, so this means that you don’t have to spend money without a fixed purpose….
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Think of the portions that you offer to your guests: these should be made in a normal quantity, not to make them feel stuffed with food.

For example, you can apply for portioning the food and do in such a manner that you organize pretty well all the types of food placed in the plate. Depending on how you organize all these details and ideas you’re going to fix your menu pretty well and we’re certain that you’re going to end up with saving a lot of money.

the wedding menu 2 2

Here’s what we propose as a wedding menu and we hope you feel enchanted of what we’re suggesting…. We start with the snack: perch roll with dry plums, salad, ham, cucumber filled with fat cheese, chicken with poppy and choux with foie gras.

We promise to continue with presenting the menu in the next articles and we sure do think that these are helpful….