Wedding menu

If the budget that you`ve got for the wedding gets tighter and tighter, it doesn`t mean you must give up the idea of having a wonderful wedding, one that won`t be forgot too soon! You can make a nice ceremony with a “thin” budget, as you saw in the previous articles. When it comes to food, you must get the best solutions you can, and if you don`t like tradition, maybe you`ll want a range of food that`s elegant and economic.


The first step in having an elegant and practical menu is to go to the restaurant or the salon you`ve reserved and try to renegotiate the food and the price. Many restaurants, in order to keep their clients have accepted a negotiation and left the prices down…. If the strategy doesn`t work, say you`ll go to another place, because the prices are convenient in the other side! Surely they will make up their minds in a way or another!
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The wedding food must be prepared from products that are in big quantities and are easily made! But think on the other side, some plates full of food, isn`t a great image and half of the quantity will be dumped in the waste….so, consider how much you can eat not to get stuffed and place the food in that way! So think you must give the food about 3 times, and approximate by eye how much you can put in one plate!


An example of elegant and economic menu may be expressed by the next plates: a vegetable salad, some choux with liver, chicken roulade with sesame, any type of fish you like the most, pork chap, nature potatoes and the desert is definitely represented by the bride`s cake! These are just some suggestions, you also may apply for other types of food… these are basics!

You can also use for an exquisite menu (if you have enough money to afford it): caviar, rabbit roulade, salmon, fruits, French cheese, mini-cakes and the list goes on!

If you`re more into the vegetable area, here are some suggestions: tomato filled with cheese, vegetable salad, baked potatoes, fruits and many other things you wish for!


The wedding menu is a wonderful chapter that can be explored anytime, because there are many places from where to choose, so many to eat and so little money remained! But remember, the food is important, indeed, but the guests are there to have fun, not to get stuffed by eating at the table!