Neat Mexican menu for the bridal day

If you were wondering what could make the difference in the wedding reception besides the centerpieces, the wedding cake and all the arrangements, we were thinking to offer you some tips at the level of the menu.
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How about you apply for a Mexican menu? It’s the type that is really delicious and colored looking and we’re certain that the guests will feel enchanted to have a Latin taste of food.

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Mexican menu

Think of a Mexican theme for the wedding reception, specific music, décor that is made in tones of red and yellow, those extra ruffles on the bridal gown, luscious fabric and those tasty dishes specific to the area – here are some of our ideas that are related to the bridal day. In the following lines, we share some suggestions for the specific menu of such an event.

The typical foods for the wedding receptions in Mexico are beef and chicken dishes that are completed with all kinds of spices with sour taste, such as lemon or with addition of coriander. These dishes are served in the style of a Swedish buffet or by placing them separately in plates that are offered at the table.

The gaskets should be the first dishes mentioned! So, the traditional Spanish food includes tortillas with rice and chilly or tomatoes.

There’s also a typical sweet that is served in Mexico and it’s a cake that is made with nuts, pecan, and vanilla, also known as wedding cookies and which are really popular besides the Mexican territory, being consumed by the family around Christmas.

Specific to the Mexican weddings, the Tres Leche cake is made with combining different types of milk, being served with all kinds of fruit toppings and the category of deserts is defined with a cake that has aroma of citrus and almonds.

We would like to end with the beverages! At this level we need to mention the Sangria drink that is made of a mixture of wine, brandy, mineral water and completes the wedding in the Mexican style we have been mentioning about. In most of the cases, this drink is consumed while listening to mariachis singing and this is another idea that would be really fine to apply for when it comes to the bridal day.

So, consider whether or not this includes your personal style and go for it if you want something special indeed in the bridal day!