Models of menus for a wedding

We were speaking about the tiniest details regarding a wedding some time ago and we’re back highlighting this matter and we have some brand new details for you that you may be interested of. For instance, let’s take the menu and present it. In this period most of the couples choose to present their menus at the beginning of the festivity, placing it on the table. It’s a very elegant thing to do and in the lines to come we will going to present you such menus or models of menus as you like it….

models of menus for a wedding

So we’re going to start with presenting the first model. It’s made of cardboard, in yellow tone and it has a blue frame. The writing is brown and there are several columns that present the salad, the entrée and the dessert. In one corner of the menu you should attach a motif that reminds everybody of the theme you’ve chosen for your wedding. You can simply put a flower bud that is in perfect coordination with the rest of the flower ornaments.
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You may also have a matching model with the table cards. This is made of cardboard and it is placed on a nice metallic support. For instance: if the table cards are made of carton in cream tone and with floral motifs on it you should have a similar detail on the menu too. Put on the menu the first, second, entrée and desert and write the names of the types of food you’re offering to them. You may also write the ingredients, because there are some people that are allergic to some types of foods or components. The menu can be personalized too, meaning that you can put one menu for each couple and put their names on it.

models of menus for a wedding2

The next model of menu is made of cardboard too. It’s made with a green frame and a yellow content. On the upper side of this menu you may put a stick , maybe bamboo or any other type of stick and wrap it with a piece of ribbon. Also, like in the previous models you should write every type of food you’re going to serve. This is a very exquisite looking accessory and you can be sure that your guests will be delighted to see it on the tables, because they will know what they’re going to eat.

models of menus for a wedding3

You can have a minimalist model too: simply made from a white cardboard and with a blue or purple writing. You already know the pattern, don’t you? The types of food you’re going to serve. Maybe in the middle of this menu you can have a tiny motif in order to make it look interesting. This invitation can have a metallic stand on which it can lie and it should be in proximity with the guests’ eyes.

models of menus for a wedding4

The last model of menu looks very interesting and glamorous if it can be said in this manner. It’s made in white and black and on the exterior side it has some glittery pieces that make it look delightful.

models of menus for a wedding5

This is different from the other models, because it isn’t made only of a simple piece of cardboard it’s made like a postcard that can be opened.You can write on its exterior side with a great looking writing “menu”.