Wedding menu and musical background

The harmony of the taste in every table is very welcomed. Even from the beginnings people no matter if they were poor or rich, they brought next to their tables music, this being the perfect harmony and completing in a pleasant manner all the dishes that are served to the guests and not only.

We can’t conceive that in such a party or in a family table not to have a suitable musical background. Music in this context helps for digestion in the same time it helps for a perfect harmony.

In every wedding it’s well known that if the dish is accompanied with a right musical background, a clear music, which is easy to be listened, for example a café concert or a traditional popular music with pleasant harmony. In serving the dishes the ambient continues with party music, this thing taking into account the fact that they’ve also passed to rough drinks, which have the role of inciting every person.

wedding menu and musical background

In the main dish, the music should also be one really easy to listen to. But between these services, it’s normal that songs to be pushing the people to move and stimulate the guests to dance and to feel that they’re having fun.
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After each party, it’s normal to discuss with the family and the friends over the entire event, criticizing or appreciating the food, but in the same measure, because bad music can ruin a party, even if the food and the services were perfect.

This is why, when we wish to organize a party or a wedding, we have to take into account the musical references of the guests and to go ad search quality music, even to make an audition of the repertoire of the band that we’ve chosen and try to bring back the traditional in this frame.

wedding menu and musical background 2

Now that we’ve spoken of dishes and food let’s continue with suggesting you some menus….

So, for the first menu we suggest an open bar based on cheese (all kinds of cheese), also fresh vegetables, a mixed grill, and fruits and let’s not forget about the wedding cake. These are only some slight examples that are going to seem great examples….

No matter on what menu you decide to apply for, we’re sure that you’re going to ensure the right musical background and that you’re going to make your guests feel very pleasant….

Good luck in making the right combination between music and food and ending up with the right cocktail. Also, you have to make sure that you don’t stuff your guests with lots of food in order not to offer them the impression that they have to go to sleep after they eat!