Menu for fall weddings

The fall season is very well known as being ideal for weddings, it’s exactly the perfect background that permits you to stay dressed maybe in a strapless wedding dress and you also have the possibility of a rich wedding menu. The fall weddings have their charm and due to the changing color of the surrounding nature and the strong perfume of flowers, everything gets more and more interesting.
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This is why the wedding menu has to be as colored as the surrounding nature and to contain as many pieces of décor as possible. The natural look of the leaves, the vine, combined with the fall flowers; these can end up with gorgeous wedding flower arrangements, which are present on the guests’ tables, but also in the wedding décor in which the wedding takes part.

As usual, there can be some starting points with which you can create the perfect wedding menu and maybe you can find these in the following examples:

menu for fall weddingsSource
Menu for fall weddings
  • Apply for an open bar, also you can ensure small appetizers to your wedding guests. As a suggestion, you can take into account: eggplant salad, different types of cheese and vegetables. The duck meat will feel exquisite in the wedding menu. Also, we recommend olives, mixed grill, cucumber salad and a fruit salad for freshness.

This was only a suggestion for the wedding menu, but the examples don’t end here….

  • The open bar is really in trend, so it’s a recommendation once again. As for the rest of the wedding menu, there’s the option with eggplant salad (again) with tomatoes. Another type of food in this menu is a paste made of cheese, combined with cucumbers. Caviar sounds pretty nice, but add a peanut crust and the final effect is indeed dazzling – these can be served with limes and zucchinis. This isn’t all: there’s always the fish or the ram meat, served with vegetables and rosemary sauce. The last pick for meat is the turkey meat with fruit sauce and the desert can also be fresh.
  • menu for fall weddingsSource
    Menu for fall weddings

These particular types of wedding menu suggestion can be taken into consideration in case you want your fall wedding to be really something. Most of these types of food are exquisite and they can get pretty expensive, you know?!