The wedding menu

As soon as you’ve decided on the salon or on the restaurant in which you’re going to spend the most important day of your life you should also choose the menu with which you’re going to make your guests happy and offer them a really interesting gastronomic experience.

First of all, don’t forget to take into account all the aspects that concern the traditional menu and some traditional dishes.

Here’s how you start and please take into account all the things indicated here: two months before the event you should program a tasting of the option of menu that you’ve applied for and we totally recommend you to apply for a stylish menu that will impress your guests and all the people attending your wedding.

the wedding menu

So, we recommend a Mediterranean menu that contains only exquisite foods and you can be certain that you’re going to experience an interesting gastronomical moment. We recommend you to apply for spreads with red and black caviar, there’s also this Mediterranean snack, marinated salmon in critics, shrimps on the grill with calypso sauce, foie gras, sorbetto, Saint Jacques shell, lamb sirloin in the oven with cuscus, iceberg salad, Lebanese bread, fruits and nuts, chocolate cake with sour cherries that contain alcohol and nougat glacce. This is indeed an amazing culinary experience and we’re certain that you’re going to remain stunned when it comes to foods like these….
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There’s also the Occidental menu that you can apply for and we’re certain that you’re going to feel enchanted to read about it. So, we start with some of these foods in order for you to make a general idea and see what you should apply for.

We start with spreads with trout caviar and salmon fume, shrimp salad with prosciutto di Parma, mozzarella, parmeggiano, chicory, toast and avocado. Next in our menu is Nile perch with rice and vegetables, sorbetto, beef sirloin with prosciutto di Parma and red wine sauce, Duchesse potatos, mixed salad, homemade bread, fruits and nuts and chocolate cake with fruits.

the wedding menu 2

Don’t forget to choose your menu after you consult attentively the offer that the restaurant has and after you’ve tastes with your partner several types.

Try as much as possible to vary the foods in your menu and this is because you have to make all your guests feel great and be happy of the choices that you made.

We hope that the things exposed here seemed useful and the means the menus most of all! Yes, we’re sure that these will seem useful and be certain that you’re going to impress all your guests with what you’ve chosen to serve.