Wedding menu suggestions

The menu is a very important aspect regarding a wedding. The aspectuous it looks, the happier your guests will be! Depending on your ideas and the way you use your imagination, you`ll make an interesting menu and so, your guests will be happy and their stomachs will be o.k!


Let`s start with a first suggestion that regards a vase filled with comestible flowers! Let`s start with the basic point: the vase! The vase can be made of a pumpkin with really nice models on it, you can do these models with the help of a knife and you can use your imagination in drawing certain patterns on it! let`s mention that you cave to empty it inside a little bit, so that the flowers to be eaten can be placed there!
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The next step is to make flowers of onion, cucumbers, carrots, radish or peppers. Take a radish and start piercing through it, with the help of a knife the same treatment must be applied to the peppers, the cucumbers and the carrots!


After you`ve created nice buds of these vegetables, make sure you place them on nice sticks, and “stick the sticks” into the inside part of the pumpkin! Besides these sticks, place some leaves and your vase is finished, your guests can gently eat what`s in there!

When it comes to the desert chapter everybody pays attention and prepares their tummies for a nice feast! Let`s admit it, everybody loves sweets! So, in order to make them more delicious then they are, you can apply for some muffins that has some cream nicely applied in the upper side and on top a flower! Take as many muffins as you can and place them on plates and put the plates on over the other with a little space between them! Believe us, you`ll have success clearly with this type of desert!


The way you arrange the food is very important! Of course, you don`t do all these things, it`s the job of those working in the kitchen to do it…. A green menu will go really well with some brown stuff! The vegetables are the basic part of this menu, green beans and spinach together with some small potatoes and on top a big juicy stake! Incredible and really tasty and it`s a feats to the eye also!

You can apply for a rectangular plate if you want the plate to look great! If the menu looks really simple, make sure it`s really tasty to put aside the regret of the guests when they see so few things in the plate! You can apply for some potatoes, a sauce, some meat and a really nice decoration made of vegetables!


As you noticed we gave only some general examples and we`ll return to this topic and maybe present you some fine examples of menus to apply in your wedding day! This is only the basis of the iceberg!