Amateur photographer hints

And we were speaking about wedding planning tips which included some hints to save some money. Another method in which you can do this thing is using an amateur photographer. Yes, indeed this is a great method and we have some hints for them in order to organize their activity.

First of all, ask the bride and the groom in what placed and what kind of photos they’re expecting for. You can make a list and have it with you in the important day; this will definitely be a helpful thing if you’re a beginner in this field.

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The family portrait can be a really messy picture to do, because everybody is unorganized and being a beginner it will e kind of a difficult job. Here’s what you have to do in this case: ask the groom and the bride to name 2 family members to unite the entire family. This will be an easy task for you, because you don’t have to move your hands or you don’t get nervous.
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There are numerous locations in which your pictures can be realized. Well, just one day before the wedding you can apply for searching some great spots in which you can picture the beautiful couple and let’s also mention that you’re going to know before if the light will help you or not.

You just don’t know what will happen in an open air wedding. Well what should be done in this case? You always have to have a backup plan: have batteries, umbrella, and extra ideas for placed in which your photos can be taken….

So, we were mentioning in the beginning that you have to talk with the future bride and groom and see what exactly they want. Tell them some things about your style and also if you’re expecting money for your work, be sure to explain them before what exactly did they pay for.

Of course, you take shots while the ceremony takes place, here’s a really useful hint that you may already know about, but you definitely are going to forgive about: switch off the sound of your camera, because it has to be a ceremony of solemnity and you won’t want everybody’s eyes towards you, would you?

amateur photographer hints

Credits: Jason Armstrong

Taking pictures in a wedding ceremony doesn’t mean only to take shots of the people involved. Details can be really sweet and look pretty nice in a wedding album. So, take pictures of the menus, the tables, the flower arrangements, the backs of the dresses, the rings, the bouquets, the shoes and so on…. This will create a nice visual effect when it comes to the wedding album.

Also, for the big day one camera isn’t necessary. You can have another one set up with a different lens and this will definitely be useful, because you’re going to have diversity when it comes to great looking pictures.