Our Top 3 Favourite Hen Party Games

So you’ve been looking at Marbella hen weekends , you’ve brought the hen party accessories already but something is missing… ah that’s right hen party games. Now during the planning process we know that many ladies forget to buy/prepare games to play during the hen weekend. Or they just rely on the classic “truth or dare” which is fine however it’s really not that imaginative. So to help liven up the party and get all the girls in fit of giggles we’ve put together a list of top 3 of our favourite hen do games. Some you can choose to buy or make these games, however (and we’re sure you’ll agree) you list is a perfect mix, so you can pick and choose which ones you like the most…


Pin the cucumber on the hunk

Okay, if you couldn’t already tell, this naughty game is actually based and the far more innocent “Pin the tail on the donkey.” However in order to make it Hen party appropriate we’ve made it more suitable for giggling women. The idea is you blow up the cucumber (or make one out of card), blind fold the hen and watch her totter over to the hunk on the wall to try and pin the errm… “appendage” onto the right place. Believe us this game will get everyone giggling much faster than two glasses of Mojito’s. So if you want to get the night off to a good start then this is the game to play!

Who knows the bride the best quiz

This game requires some preparation beforehand but it’s a great one to bring out if the party gets a bit quiet (don’t worry it’s happens sometimes and it doesn’t mean the party is going well!) To start off with the chief bridesmaid needs to ask the bride some questions (they can range from silly questions to more normal questions), then she needs to type them out on sheets of paper (along with an answer sheet) and distribute them to all the hens (along with pens of course!) This game is perfect for breaking the ice with everyone during the hen weekend and making the bride-to-be feel special.

Hen Night Scavenger Hunt

Now we know we aid “truth or dare” games weren’t imaginative and for a hen do they aren’t however our version gets everyone involved and acting silly! So trust us, this is slightly different and it’s worth the extra effort! The idea is you write down some dares on a piece of paper, for example “Blag a free drink from the bartender” to “Find a man with a bald head and pinch his bottom!” Whoever manages to do everything on the list gets a special prize (we’ll leave that up to you!) If however, that sounds like too much work then you can always buy hen party dare dice and they’ll decide the dare for you!

Anyway that’s it for our top 3 hen party games, obviously there are more out there but these were the ones that (when we asked a bunch of ladies who had been on hen dos) were enjoyed the most and were the easiest to create. So if you’re going to any hen parties this month (or ever for that matter) then we suggest you play a few of these games to really get the party started!