Top tips for planning a memorable bridal shower!

Planning a bridal shower can often present a little bit of a headache for the organiser. But whether you’re the maid-of-honour or the bride’s mother, you can take some simple steps to ensure that the wide variety of guests attending all feel included and have a great time.

And whether you’re planning a casino party or having a chic Parisian theme, make sure that the lovely bride to be is the centre of attention to avoid having this bridal shower nightmare!

Bridal shower basics


Bridal showers usually take place somewhere between three months and two weeks before the main event, and whilst there’s been a trend for parties to head off to glamorous casinos and exclusive spas, for cost-effective fun, it’s hard to beat the comforts of home.

So if you’re hosting a bridal shower at home, be sure to give you house a quick makeover before the guests arrive. And think about personalising the decor with a theme that is well-suited to the bride’s individual tastes. This lovely Parisian bridal shower shows what can be achieved with a bit of extra effort!

Fun and games

Obviously gift-giving is a huge part of any bridal party, but even this can be livened up by playing gift bingo for a fun way to shower your unsuspecting bride with a multitude of weird and wonderful presents.

And it’s also important to plan some amusing activities that involve everyone so that nobody becomes a wallflower. Karaoke has become a massive hit at bridal parties, but there are some more refined games also available such as the love-themed slots games at Lucky Nugget Casino or even their deluxe roulette attractions that are great fun to play as a team!

Food and drink


The great thing about hosting a bridal shower at home is that you can cut costs on providing some seriously extravagant culinary experiences. Canapés are a great way to ensure that a variety of tastes are well catered for, and be sure to include plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

And similarly, whilst it’s a fact that cocktails are the quickest way to really get the party started, it’s also a good idea to try some lovely alcohol free cocktail recipes so that everyone’s got a glass in hand to toast the bride and celebrate that big casino win!