Arabian wedding

For the Arabians, as well as for any country and population, marriage is something really serious, the religion imposing a series of norms that are really strict and that make the family life really balanced.

Each one of the husbands knows very well his role. So the husband has to take care of the financial support and the protection of the home, while the woman has to keep her eyes on the education of the children and needs to take care of the home in such a manner that everything goes well.

arabian wedding

The Islam emphasizes the importance of reciprocity in families because this one offers the stability of the family.
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When the details of the ceremony are taken care of, the high expenses in a wedding are a motif for being proud for both the families and they don’t hesitate to make them public.

Some days before the wedding women start preparing all kinds of good dishes for wedding: mahkrood, baklava and some other sweets one or two days before the wedding.

The traditional food is kus-kus with lamb meat and a variety of salads, served on huge plates. Before the wedding, men sacrifice lambs in order to make sure that there’s plenty meat.

The food is going to be prepared with lamb and chicken meat, rice, salads, the traditional deserts. The weddings take place in Wednesdays and Thursdays. In what concerns the bride’s way of looking, the ritual is full of charm and the entire wedding is made with the entire family who is next to the young bride.

arabian wedding 2

This ritual takes place in Wednesdays or a day before the wedding. Hairstyling and makeup of the bride takes too much sometimes. In this day the groom can’t meet with the bride, the groom is resting in this particular day.

Around 1 o’clock the bride’s party starts only with family and friends. The party is going to start with a feminine event in it’s called the “henna party”. This is going to be a big party where the guests and the friends of the bride are going to be invited and they’re going to be invited at her place.

Also, in this event there are going to be served lots of foods and drinks, the guests are going to dance and the bride is going to change many dresses, almost one for each song.

arabian wedding 3

Indeed, some interesting traditions related to the Arabian weddings and we’re certain that you’re fascinated in what concerns all the customs and the details related to these types of events. In the end, you’re going to end up being really curious in seeing one such wedding taking place and also let’s add that they have many differences in comparison with the Western world.