Bulgarian wedding

If you’re going to make a quick search on the web you’re going to find all there is to be known in Bulgaria, but we want to bring to you all the necessary information in what concerns this place, this country and interesting due to its traditions.

Bulgarian wedding

So, this country is buried with interesting traditions. Most of their customs are practiced in these days as well. few things have been changed in the last 50 years.

Even if today the ritual isn’t respected, most couples haven’t forgotten completely about traditions. It’s natural that the engagement realizes with the “yes” of the bride.

Some time ago, the groom used to send his best friend at the place of the bride’s parents in order to ask for their blessing. If the parents agreed then the bride was asked three times if she accepts to get married. If she answered yes every time, the engagement was considered valid and the groom was invited to the parents’ home.

The engagement in itself takes place in a day of holiday or in a Sunday. The closest relatives and the neighbors are invited to a little feat. In this moment there are established details concerning the wedding. A wrapped understanding in this interview is considered legal.

The engagement can hold a day or an entire year. In the old times this party consisted in an entire ritual and today the parties are very similar to Western Europe or the United States.

Bulgarian wedding 2

Most of the Bulgarian weddings take place in a Sunday. In the Thursday before the wedding, the mother of the bride does the custom of the ritual that concerns mixing the dough of the bread. If the dough increases in size this means that the family that is united is going to have lots of luck.

The best man should be in the same time the one that prevents the wedding from happening. In the morning of the wedding the family and friends of the groom gather in the house of the groom.

Friends shoot bullets in the air in order to scare bad spirits. This is also the moment in which the groom says goodbye to his parents and asks for their blessing. He will go over to the best man’s house and in this time they also sing and dance….

Bulgarian wedding 3

The groom offers to the best man wine and roasted chicken and beginning from that moment and to the end of the ceremony the word of the best man is to be tied to the groom in what concerns the well being of the wedding.
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The bridesmaid, who is in most of the cases the wife or the lover of the best man will go together with the best man towards the house of the bride and he is offered wine, the veil and cookies.