White and purple wedding

White and purple is a really neat combination of tones and we’re sure that you would love to apply it in your wedding ceremony. This thing won’t be hard at all as long as you listen to the pieces of advice exposed here you’re going to end up with some really great looking wedding details and not only: with a marvelous looking wedding.

Here’s how we suggest some great looking white and purple combinations in order for you to have where to choose from and not only!

white and purple wedding 1

So, we start with presenting you a flower arrangement and a piece of décor that is made in white and purple. This one is designed in a very interesting manner and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy it pretty much: it’s made of a transparent glass that has glass marbles placed in it and all around this glass, in its interior side you can observe purple flowers placed in a very interesting manner. At the basis of this glass, all around it you can observe a circle made of purple flowers and this is indeed a cool combination of details which we’re sure you’re going to appreciate pretty much.

white and purple wedding 2

Here’s how we continue our list of suggestions with another neat looking white and violet flower arrangement. This one consists of a transparent bowl that has at its bottom some glass marbles. Also, at the basis of this bowl you can observe some violet flowers that stand as a carpet for this neat looking arrangement. Inside this bowl there’s placed a purple flower that looks as interesting as the flowers placed at the bottom of this arrangement. We’re sure that you’re going to enjoy this flower arrangement pretty much and that you consider in applying for it in your wedding day if you apply for a white and purple wedding.

white and purple wedding 3

Another interesting thing consists in the white and purple frame that you can apply for and you can definitely use it as a wedding favor. In the corners of this frame there can be two purple flower buds that we’re sure are going to create an interesting visual effect and this is a wedding favor that would definitely be appropriate in case you decide on a white and purple wedding.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Be sure that our examples don’t end here and that in the future ones you’re going to read about more and more such examples that we think are really useful in the same time. Good luck in choosing what you think is appropriate for you.