Best Roses for Bridal Bouquet

Our wedding is in mid May and I am going to make my bouquet. I’m wondering what the best types of roses are to use. I want open roses, not tight buds, and my colors will likely be yellow, peach and white. I would like hearty large blooms, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

[:)]Sure, first of all get them about a week earlier than the wedding to give a chance to open. Next, condition them right. Strip off most of the leaves but don’t yet pick off the outer damaged petals. Make up a rather full bucket of very clean lukewarm water (like baby bottle warm, Not COLD, Not HOT.) Third, re-cut the stems with a sharp knife or scissors and put them immediately into the water. Keep them at room temperature until they begin to soften and open a bit, then move them to a cooler place.
Color suggestions are white (Avalanche), green (Jade), Yellow (Skyline), Salmon (Peekaboo), Pink (engagement), peach (Versilla), Ivory (Vendela).
You can also blow on the softened blooms to push them open. Do not take the outer petals off until just before you make the bouquet. They are the strongest and will keep the flower together better.

Have fun and a beautiful wedding!