Go Bare! When to Protect Your Rings by Taking Them Off

From the moment it first adorned your finger, you’ve probably been hesitant to take off your engagement ring, even for a second. However, there are certain times when being good to engagement and wedding rings means letting them sit somewhere other than on your finger. No matter how much you hate to go without them, it’s worth it to remove your rings when you’re:

  • Applying beauty products such as lotioCaer Celtic Knot Wedding Band Ring, 14K Goldn or sunscreen. Creams and potions might keep your skin soft or prevent a sunburn, but they’re far from beneficial for your rings. While lotions soak into your skin, they build up on the surface of jewelry, and cause the metal to look dull. Consider keeping a small dish or ring holder on your dresser so your ring has a safe, designated spot to rest.
  • Mixing with your hands. Whether you’re making meatballs or plaster of Paris, chances are that if you’re squishing something between your fingers, you’re also squishing it into your ring. At best, this will leave a residue on your ring; at worse a sticky substance could cause you to lose a diamond. Wear gloves or take off your ring when you’re cooking with your hands or working with messy arts and crafts.
  • Using household cleaners. Cleaning products and other common household chemicals are far more likely to damage your ring than to make it look spic and span. Grab some gloves before you scrub.
  • Swimming, whether in the ocean or in a pool. Most of us have heard stories of jewelry that’s been lost in the ocean or even in a swimming pool. Don’t let your ring become the subject of such as tale! The cool temperature of the ocean and of most pools can cause your finger to shrink enough that your ring may become loose—why risk it? In addition, although wearing engagement rings and wedding bands in a pool may seem safer than wearing them in the ocean, many chemicals found in them can do damage to fine jewelry.
  • Digging in the dirt. Obviously, working or playing in the soil will cause your ring to get dirty. However, gardening can also put your diamond at risk, and if your stone is knocked out while you’re in the garden, it’s likely to be buried before you find it.
  • 1/4 Carat Diamond Paisley Wedding BandHitting the gym (or the field). Workouts that involve lifting weights or high-impact activities such as boxing can put your ring at risk. A heavy weight or a strong punch can bend your band or even cause a diamond to come loose. The same thing applies during contact sports such as football or even volleyball—not to mention that your diamond could scratch another player. Keep your ring (and your fellow players) safe by leaving your ring on the bench until after your sweat session.

Going ring-free may not be the most appealing way to be kind to your ring, but it’s often the most effective. When in doubt, take it off! You ring will thank you with years of sparkle and shine.