Five Easy Do-It-Yourself Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

What’s a great way brides are saving money on their wedding budget? Doing their own wedding reception centerpieces, of course. If you keep it simple, you too can have elegant centerpieces without breaking the bank. Here are five quick ideas to get you started.

Shimmering Silver

This is probably the cheapest do-it-yourself centerpiece of all! Gather up branches, driftwood, leaves or pine cones. Spray them with metallic silver spray paint and arrange in the center of the tables. Add a few tea lights and you


Tissue Paper Mason Jars

Here are surprisingly elegant centerpieces that cost under $10. Gather assorted mason jar sizes and wrap them in colored tissue paper, add a few flowers and you have cheap centerpieces. Or skip the decoupage, and fill with bright colored water to match your palette.


Skip the Flowers

Consider using unusual finds for your centerpieces, like peacock feathers or small sculptures, wooden carvings or pretty teacups, vintage books or glass vases full of beach sand, or even interesting rocks. By choosing things that can simply be arranged, you’ll save a ton of time and have unique do-it-yourself centerpieces everyone will remember.


Think Functional

Pillar candles of varying heights give off a romantic light and can easily be set up ahead of time in an environment that’s not too drafty. Or, turn to food as an attractive yet functional centerpiece. Consider arrangements of tropical fruits — including star fruit, pomegranates cut in half, melons and citrus — for a lovely summer centerpiece sporting bright colors.


Mix and Match

Scour thrift stores, discount stores and garage sales for intriguing vases to mix and match colorfully. Even drinking glasses could attractively display single stems. Trim with scraps of lace for a sweet vintage touch. Add a few long stems, and you’ll have a lovely bohemian look for your reception tables.

Always remember to do a mock-up centerpiece a few weeks before the wedding, so you’re sure it lives up to your vision. It’s also a smart idea to enlist the help of a few friends if your centerpieces are at all labor-intensive. With a little creativity and a little effort, you’ll have unique wedding reception centerpieces in no time!