Gifts for overnight guests

We are getting married in October on a Friday night. Since sending out save the date cards, many guests (40) will be staying overnight. I have put together gift bags for the overnights guests but wanted to attach a “catchall phrase” other than “Thank you for staying. Here are some whimsical gifts. Blah.” Any suggestions? The gift bags will contain personalized water bottles, homemage mini pound cakes, personalized M&Ms in our wedding colors with a Thank you message and a mini pumpkin for the autumnal feel. The bags are burgundy with a hint of pinstripe with gold tissue paper which again coordinates with the wedding.

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With so many people watching their diets and many being diabetic, please consider some low carb with protein snack items that can be included in the gift bag.

Regarding the catch all phrase, you might consider making folded gift tags that contains a personal message to each person, rather than a “catch all phrase”. Using a computer, you could generate the thank you note including a good picture of the two of you, but have it personalized with each person’s name, and sign it personally.


Many of us live by the calendar (smile), and we sincerely appreciate your setting aside today to share in our celebration. Thank you for being here.

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[:)]I think that is a really great thing to do. I would suggest a simple and sincere message and done sort of elegantly like, “We are so happpy you came all this way to share our special day…It means so much to us…”or something like that. Sometimes it is nice to include a list of the local breakfast places or area attractions and activities, playgrounds if there are kids and such. I work on Cape Cod and one thoughtful bride included numbers of scenic ferries and whale watch tours and nice little things to do.
What you are doing is very special and you will get a great response. Take care and wishing you a great wedding and beyond …