Mom of Groom Deceased-What to do about Mother/Son dance?

I’m nervous to bring up the mother/son dance, because before we found out she died, we were at a wedding and he said that he couldn’t wait to dance with his mom at our wedding. I want to make sure I have some solutions before we have that very sad conversation. I think that she should be remembered at both the ceremony and the reception. Can we dance again to a song that he feels is appropriate to remember his mom? Should I suggest dancing with another family member? Should we do something in lieu of dancing like reading a poem or should that be done at the ceremony? Is there anything that we can do instead of dancing? I don’t want to just skip over that part of the reception, unless he wants to of course.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Mrs.R2be,

Please remember that this is supposed to be a celebration. So, it is best not to draw too much attention to the loss. She could be mentioned during the speeches though.

He could dance with another family member–very common–or you might want to skip that dance. It really is his choice.

Best wishes,

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

I agreee with Rebecca. It’s best to keep the tears with the ceremony and the celebrating with the reception.

If there is a favorite aunt or a grandmother in the picture. one of those women could make a special dance for the groom. But, again, it may be too emotional. Decide together what would best for him.