Perfect eyebrows

Thin or thick eyebrows…. This is the question! Some ladies want them thin others can want them thick. In fact, it depends on their natural way of being and then take the final decision.

There are some ladies that have thick eyebrows and a really gorgeous shape in the same time, but in the same time they choose to make them really thin and so, a lot of work is involved. We sincerely recommend you to make them just a little bit thin, because you don’t want to destroy their beautiful shape and also the threads of hair that are there.
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Let’s also mention that there are some ladies that don’t have hair threads in their eyebrows at all. Well, for them we have a neat solution: use castor oil every now and then and you’re going to see amazing results, but in time….

We know that you can’t quite decide on a particular shape for them and we totally recommend you to go to a salon and speak with some professional people, let them tweeze your eyebrows and see if you can handle to continue with this process.

Tattooing your eyebrows is a great solution for those that have decided for a certain shape for them and want to remain with it their entire life. We’ve discussed about these aspects several times before and we suggested that a natural looking tattoo would be just ideal when it comes to a gorgeous looking pair of eyebrows.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned and you should definitely take into account when it comes to perfect eyebrows: the crayon. Every time you intend on using such a product make sure that it has a lighter color tone than the rest of your hair. Don’t do the error of adding black crayon on your brows, because you’re going to end up looking horrible!

Also, if you don’t have a special crayon for eyebrows, we’ve got some other tricks that you can apply for and we’re certain that these are going to seem pretty interesting: like using a normal crayon, a lighter tone of eyeliner and then you can use a tampon in order to get rid of the excess of color. Also, eye shadows are good to be used on the eyebrows as well and make sure that these aren’t glittery and the shape that you offer to your brows, shouldn’t be as if you trace a line, make it look really natural.

We hope that the things exposed here are helpful when it comes to obtaining perfect eyebrows and be sure that in the future time you’re going to receive some other hints that are definitely going to seem useful!