Wearing orange or red to a wedding?

I am attending a wedding on the 30th of Sept with my boyfriend. He is the best man; the groom being his brother. The wedding will be at 4 o’clock with a reception following at 6 o’clock. I would really like to wear black, but his sister-in-law said the I needed to be “more trendy” and suggested a brighter color like orange or red. I’m not comfortable wearing bright colors and so I’m considering a dress that is dark purple, halter top, with a shiny silk waist accent. Is this too much… do I need to dress “down” as to not over shadow the bride? My other choice is a black dres, sleeveless with a black lace coverd top area/nude color under the lace and black skirt (my first choice). But there again, the sister-in-law says its not “trendy”. I’ve attached pictures of both. Thanks


Dear Laura:

Since you are not part of the wedding party, you may wear something you are comfortable in and that is appropriate for the occasion. Trendy may be fine for the future sister in law but obviously it is not what you want to do. Therefore, I would recommend letting the sister in law know you appreciate her style insight but that you really need to wear what you know flatters you.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

You should note that wearing red to a wedding is considered a no-no since it attracts attention from the bride.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I couldn’t agree more. Please dress as one of the guests and not try to match the formality of your date.

More than likely the attire would be cocktail attire, which both dresses are very close to being. Cocktail attire is the little black dress or its equivalent.