The chiffon dress and the bridesmaids

Your best friend just gave you the big news: she’s getting married! Besides that, she wants you to be her bridesmaid. Well, that means that you will have to accomplish many tasks and still look beautiful, happy and maintain a big smile on your face. But before accomplishing the wedding tasks you will have to find a perfect dress for a young and beautiful bridesmaid. In order to look glamorous and elegant we believe that the chiffon dresses will be the most appropriate choice.

First of all, when picking the dress you must talk with the bride, because sometimes she has a certain picture in her mind, about how her wedding should be, so she might impose you a certain model, cut and colour. Other brides take into consideration their bridesmaids’ preferences and choose their dress with them. And, there are also the brides that give their bridesmaids a green light, i.e. they allow them to wear whatever dress they like.

If “your” bride fits in the third pattern, i.e. you may choose whatever dress you like, then, you are a lucky bridesmaid. But, if you don’t know what kind of dress a bridesmaid should choose, that means you should do a little wedding research.

Our suggestion is a chiffon dress available at the price of $148. This coral dress has a pleated shape with a delicate tiered chiffon underlay, and a removable belt.

The second type of bride we have enumerated above is that who imposes her bridesmaids certain little details only because they want their dress to fit the theme of their wedding. So, if you are about to be a bridesmaid at a beach wedding ceremony, the bride might ask you to wear a white gown. Even if white is reserved only for brides, at this type of weddings all the participants usually wear this pure and fresh shade. We believe that the best choice would be a strapless, short dress wrapped with a leather belt. This dress which you may purchase at the price of $368 has ruffle-edged tiers of lightweight chiffon, which provide you a feminine and elegant look.

And, if “your” bride fits in the first pattern, then you will have to comply to her needs and wishes, because after all is her big day and you must not complain. The best thing is that usually the brides who impose a certain type of dress are also the persons who pay for the gown. So, smile, be positive and try to complete your tasks as good as possible!