Look like celebrities in your wedding day

In our wedding day we want to look like some celebrities, so it’s no winder that we try to share with you all the possible pieces of advice and what’s suitable for these famous people and maybe you steal some tricks from them as well.

In this article we’ve prepared for you 8 perfect tricks in order to make the makeup style to have even a greater impact over your guests and future husband. As you know very well the celebrities seem to emphasize pretty much everything when it comes to the makeup style so why not learn tricks from them?

Prepare for a series of ideas that are going to change your perception over the makeup style. Read carefully and don’t forget to apply them!

Lashes like Jennifer Aniston’s….

Apply the mascara using a fan brush, not an ordinary brush or the one that comes with the mascara. By using this type of mascara you’re going to be able to emphasize the length of the lashes and you’re going to offer the eyes the luminosity they need.

Haircut like Jada’s….

Will Smith’s wife has always only the latest hairstyles, but her hair length isn’t one extremely versatile. The secret? Obviously she has a healthy hair and oil for her hairstyle abundantly.

You don’t have to have an elaborated hairstyle in your wedding day, you can apply for a short hairstyle and extremely modern, as long as you follow our pieces of advice.

Fake eyelashes like Jessica Simpson’s….

In the big day you’re going to need a makeup style that resists in time and this is why you have to pay attention to every little details. It’s admitted the fact that false eyelashes are resistant and easier to use than the classical double layer of mascara applied on the natural lashes.

Straighten your hair like Beyonce does!

We think that after you see a diva with straight hair you realize just how much women have to stand when it comes to their beauty. In order to be sure that you’re going to have a perfect hairstyle in your wedding day make sure that you step by a beauty salon before in a day or two in order to straighten your hair. Don’t try this at home you may damage your hair.

Skin like Sharon Stone’s….

It’s true that you’re not going to have results over night, but if you take into account the pieces of advice of Sharon Stone you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous looking skin for the rest of your life. The artist recommends the usage of the makeup removal twice a day and the adequate cream for your skin type.

If you want to shine like Mariah Carey then you have to heat a spoon of coconut oil and then apply it on the hair. Let it act over the night and wash it abundantly the next day in the morning.

You’re going to observe immediately the results – you’re going to have a shiny hair like Mariah Carey.