Q: “Should I wear fake eyelashes on my wedding day?”

Most of you believe that something false would ruin your bridal look. But, if your natural eyelashes are not very prominent, then you should just apply something like this. You will see that if your makeup artist considers that this would be the best choice for you then she will recommend you to go for this.

In case you are doing your makeup on your own, you should make sure that the eyelashes you are purchasing are not too big for your eyes; i.e. you should buy something that would be appropriate for you eyes and that would contrast nicely with the current shape and style of your eyes.

However, if you hire a makeup artist and charge them with this task then this person will know exactly what to use in order to make you acquire a refined and intense bridal image. You should find someone you trust and feel comfortable with to achieve this task.

If you are one of those people who do not like the effect of false eyelashes then you should just skip it. Just apply some makeup and you will feel more comfortable and more at your ease with something as light as your high quality mascara. The most important advice is to be comfortable because any anxiety will show and detract from your overall look.