Choose to have a rustic wedding decoration

If you are going to get married soon, then you  are surely  looking for the ideal wedding décor. To make things clear, the appropriate wedding background that everyone would like to have at his / her wedding would be one that would suggest the idea of proximity, intimacy, closeness, warmth, and so on. In our opinion the right wedding background that would stand for all these criteria would be the rustic wedding décor.

The rustic style has become quite popular, due to its special charm, but also due to its wonderful elements, such as: rocks, wood or plants, which constantly remind us about our connection with nature.

So, if something like this inspires you too, then you may begin decorating the venue of your wedding reception, with some natural items.

The tables and the chairs from your restaurant must be made of massive wood and they should be painted in natural colors, contrasting with the rest of the walls. For a touch of rustic charm, you can choose as your table centerpiece a wooden bowl or tray, which you could fill with dried leaves, pine cones and seeds. And, as for the tablecloths they should be made of flax or hemp and they may have folk designs woven on them.

Dried wreaths, garlands of twigs and dried fruit, pine cones, photo frames made of unfinished wood pieces; all that can be accents that bring a rustic air in your wedding venue. Not to mention that a chandelier made of straw can become the focus of your wedding restaurant. Baskets filled with plants and dried fruits could make great table centerpieces that will remind you and your wedding guests of nature, as an inexhaustible source of decoration.

If you are still hesitating about whether to incorporate this wonderful style in your wedding or not, we advise you to stop doing that and to start gathering all the rustic elements you need for the background of your wedding. Be smart, look for elements that you may find the proximity of your house and thus you will save some money, too. But, besides that, choose something like this, because you wedding guests will surely be impressed by the warmth and magic of your wedding.