How to choose the wedding date

Picking the wedding date is of great importance for the young couple, because that particular day will remain engraved with golden letters in their memory, their friends’ memory as well as their friends. In the attempt of making the wedding to be a successful event, many brides feel unsure on certain details. The astrology and the numerology will help you know if the wedding day brings good luck. This may sound outrageous, but for the superstitious ones this can be a really interesting thing.
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Your wedding day is going to be an event, which will be long mentioned about. The first day of the month is believed to be under the Sun’s influence, expressing words like party, lots of happiness and generosity. You are going to surprise your wedding guests through the expressivity that you have and the key word for this day is joy, for sure. These are the symbols surrounding the number “1” for the big day.

The second day of the month used as the wedding date is placed under the influence of the Moon, especially if you have chosen this date for the wedding; this means that you are tied by a profound love and really mysterious in the same time. The family and friends are really important to you. The wedding that takes part on the 2nd of any month is believed to be one full of intimacy, warmth, affection and memorable moments. The most appropriate word for these weddings is intimacy.

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Wedding day

The 3rd of the month is believed to be the day of Jupiter, which is all about richness. The good taste and the elegance are words that characterize such a wedding. The guests are going to be impressed of the good food and the music. Your generosity will be appreciated and recompensed through the wedding gifts received. The key word for these weddings is richness for sure.

Of course, the next number is “4” for the wedding date. Your ceremony is going to be distinguished through the well organizing and the realism that you proved to be a part of. The wedding guests are going to appreciate your traditional moments, which were realized with majesty. All is going to end up accordingly to the plan if you’ve chosen this date for the big day. This wedding date is all about tradition.