Tips for Making Your Special Day Spectacular

Whether it’s your wedding or a milestone event, your important occasion will be a momentous, highly-celebrated moment. From the flowers to the venue, seemingly minor details are extremely significant when it comes to planning your celebration.
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Every detail matters when planning your event, and even the most minute features can affect the outcome of your precious day. While each event calls for different decorations and embellishments, making your day joyous and memorable are top priorities no matter the occasion.

Start your party preparations by making a checklist of all the items you need and, if necessary, the date that each task should be completed or when each item should be purchased. Consult others who have thrown large events or receptions to get ideas and tips for creating your affair.

Although you may think you can take on every aspect of planning your event, don’t overwhelm yourself and allow your friends and family to pitch in and provide support. For substantial events such as weddings, you may even consider hiring a wedding planner or an assistant who is knowledgeable about planning large functions.

Create a Photo-ready Event

Major celebrations, particularly weddings, are extensively documented through photos and video. Every facet of your celebration will be seen and viewed by friends, family, co-workers, and all of your social media contacts. While most of the attention will focus on what the bride and groom or host is wearing, the food and drinks being served, and the music and entertainment, the event photographer will be capturing the key moments of your day.

To most brides, it may seem more important to make sure their wedding gowns look fabulous or that their eternity rings from 77Diamonds sparkle in every shot, but because all facets of your celebration will be chronicled it’s imperative to focus on other significant parts of the occasion.

Because there are tons of event photographers with varying styles, you should research photographers in your area to find the one who meets your needs. Before your event, discuss with your photographer what you’d like your pictures or video to focus on. Remind your photographer to take plenty of photos of your guests enjoying themselves and to capture candid, impromptu moments.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Even the most organized, best planned parties can go wrong. Whether it be something as small as a mix up with the food being served or a bigger disaster such as an outfit malfunction, things don’t always go as we intend them to. As a result, you should expect the unexpected and take those unanticipated mishaps in stride. Preparing an emergency kit stocked with supplies like hair accessories, safety pins, and stain remover is an excellent way to ensure that whatever problems arise they can quickly be fixed.

In addition to an emergency kit, you may want to have a list of backup contacts like DJs, wedding bands, photographers, and any other entertainers or service providers you may need in case something goes awry with the people you’ve already hired. Before the ceremony or event begins, go through a rehearsal or practice to make certain your special day is the best it can be. Lastly, remember to relax, have fun, and bask in the moment.