Source: http://rusticweddingchic.com/diy-style-vintage-wedding

Wedding Favors – Tea Cups

Source: http://rusticweddingchic.com/diy-style-vintage-wedding

After a long period in which wedding favors were placed in certain classical patterns, without special elements or extremely original the season 2010- 2011 surprises through creativity and personalizing….

More than in any other season the accent is placed on color and chromatic contrast. The small tokens of attention offered to the guests have an important role when it comes to tracing the final frame to the wedding. This aspect can be the effect of popularity that the thematic weddings have in this period. With the palette of colors in this season you can see tones of bright red, turquoise, black and some other tones of yellow or peach.

Specialists say that in this season the wedding favors suppose a highlighting of the thematic wedding. Many couples highlight their ideas on originality, being special and personalizing, choosing themes that are more and more vast and varied. Besides the tastes of the couple, it’s great to take into account the period in which the event takes place and in what concerns the entire frame and the décor, the shape, color and the message of the wedding favor that is offered to the guests.

How about a tea cup? So, when it comes to the chromatic side, for a summer wedding you’re going to be able to see elements of décor in bright tones and themes like a sweet wedding and the “English Garden”. As wedding favors you can surely base yourself towards accessories for tea (a miniature tea, small spoons with engravings, tea cups with personalized plates or even small bags that are gorgeously adorned with different tea varieties from all around the world).

tea cup wedding favor

The  favors that can be consumed can take the spot of attentions that can be placed in the two thematic, because the “5 o’clock tea” is served always with crackers and sweets. If you don’t want to get limited with the food options you can apply  even for attentions that are prepared by you and offered in a colored, special and charming cover.

The specialists propose to you personalized  favors, like a trinket, a small bottle of wine, a champagne cork that is adorned, a lighter or a support for the cards. Also, accordingly to the season in which the wedding takes place you can offer the guests decorations made of shells for an event that takes place at the seaside, objects with fall motifs( bookmarks under the format of a leaf and in the chromatic specific to the season) or even decorations with butterflies or flower bulbs for a spring wedding.

Tips for wedding favors
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We’re certain that you’re going to love all these suggestions that we’ve offered here when it comes to wedding favors and it’s a real pity not to take them into account.