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Wedding Gift for Boss’ Daughter’s Wedding

What To Give As A Gift At Boss’ Daughter’s Wedding

My husband and I have been invited to his boss’ daughter’s wedding. We have not socialized much with the boss (been to his home once for a group dinner party) and do not know the bride and groom. In fact, when we received the invitation, we had NO IDEA who they were and it was a mystery until my husband’s boss told him to be expecting the invite.

We think it would be respectful for us to attend since the boss felt the need to include us on the guest list. What would be the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift? We don’t want to come off as cheap but, if we spend “too much”, we also don’t want to come off as sucking up to the boss. Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Etiquette Now

This is the biggest reason we advise for bosses not to invite their employees unless, of course, those people are close friends as well–major business etiquette rule. It puts people exactly in your position, a rock and a hard place.

There is no magic dollar amount. Everyone has their own perception of what is appropriate. So as such, there is none. I suggest not giving money. Search the usual suspects as it applies to wedding registries in your area and purchase something from the couple’s registry. Of course, your husband can also ask his boss where the couple is registered as well.

Bride Next Door

If she still has items on their registry buy her a gift. If all the gifts have been purchased, buy a wedding card, and put a check inside. You have to at the very least be sure you give enough for the cost of you and a guest. I also suggest rounding up to a round figure.

Guy’s Opinion

Don’t assume your boss has any expectations. Your boss should not have an expectation of his daughter receiving anything from anyone, including employees. Give what you are comfortable giving. Get creative in your gift giving.  What you should definitely do, without fail, is to thank your boss as you leaving the wedding reception saying, “Thank you so much for inviting us”