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photo credit: only alice via photopin cc

photo credit: only alice via photopin cc

On your big day you will naturally want everything to be perfect. Many couples decide on live music to entertain their guests but are often left disappointed. With so many live bands out there the quality of live musicians varies greatly so how can you make sure you find really great wedding entertainment?

The first thing to decide is the style of music you want. Really popular choices are tribute bands and cover bands. In order to get the party started your guests will want to hear music they are familiar with so wedding bands that perform covers are a good choice. They best way to ensure the quality of the band you hire is to get in touch with a reputable entertainment agency. A search on the internet will allow you find agents who operate throughout the UK and a great place to start.

Usually there are a whole range of bands available and each band will have its own profile with info about the act, audio clips and videos to watch. It’s unlikely that you will be able to see the band first hand as many professional function bands generally play private functions but listening to the audio and watching video performances can give you a good idea of what the act are like.

It’s important to speak to the agency over the phone and tell them exactly what it is you are looking for. They will have an in depth knowledge of the bands on their books and will be able to make some suggestions based on your requirements. A good agent will be only too happy to help.

If a live band is too expensive then perhaps wedding singers are a good choice? Usually solo artists will perform to a backing track so it may not have quite the same wow factor as a fully live band but a great wedding singer can be a great affordable option for the wedding entertainment.

Always ask if you can speak to past clients and get some firsthand feedback.  Poor live music can really ruin a party so be as thorough as possible. If the feedback is generally positive then you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Some website allow users to rate live acts and leave comments so these can be a good indication.

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Using an entertainment agency gives you the peace of mind you need for important occasions such as your wedding. To book a live band visit Music Live Entertainment Agency for advice and guidance.

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