How To Plan The Perfect Seaside Wedding

When holding your wedding ceremony at the beach, you need to consider many things. While exchanging vows at the seaside, you and your spouse need to be ready and avoid distractions.

Here are some tips that will come in handy when planning your seaside wedding:

Dress Properly

Skip The Long Dress

A large ball gown belongs in a ballroom, not on the beach. When ordering your white wedding dress from Azazie for example, pay attention to its length. Walking on the beach and taking photographs in a long dress will be hard. If you must wear a large dress, make sure it bustles easily.

Choose Light Materials

A wedding dress with a lace trim will pick up debris along the beach as you walk and crouch down to take photos. To avoid this, opt for a lightweight fabric such as chiffon that will flow with the ocean breeze.

Discard The Veil

When holding a beach wedding, reconsider having a long veil. If the weather is windy, you will have a hard time keeping the veil in place for photos. Instead of wearing a veil, you can accessorize your hair with a fascinator or flowers.

Ditch The Heels

High heels and sand do not go well together. Instead, opt for flat-sole sandals or wedges that will not sink into the sand as you walk. Your gown should be hemmed to complement your shoes; so you need to decide early on what to wear. How about walking barefoot down the fabric aisle runners to keep your feet cool?

Consider An Up-do

When choosing a hairstyle, think about the elements because you will be at their mercy. A good up-do will keep you looking sophisticated and polished all day. However, if you choose to wear your hair down, have a stylist nearby to do touchups as the day goes on – the wind will take a toll on your hair.

Let The Guys Be Informal

Although many brides would like their grooms to wear tuxedos, they could opt for something else. Save the smart suits for formal occasions held in churches and chapels. For a beach wedding, your spouse can wear lightweight cotton pants or shorts.

At The Ceremony

Keep It Natural

A beautiful ocean backdrop does not need many decorations. Bring out the natural beauty of the setting instead. Your décor needs to be simple; do not take away from the beauty of nature by using too many flowers.

Go Local

Opt for local vendors whenever possible. If you decide to hire vendors from your home country, you might find your chairs and flowers stuck in customs. When it comes to hiring a caterer, hire a local who is knowledgeable in local cuisine and can respect the beach environment.

Add Color

Instead of choosing flowers and decorations that blend in with the beach colors, go for contrasting hues. For instance, you can choose corals, oranges, and other vibrant tones to make your wedding unique.

Ensure Privacy

Most public beaches are crowded during the holidays – that is why it is best to avoid them during that time. You might not be allowed to set up canopies, aisle runners, and chairs. This means you might have to rent out a private beach if you want a secluded and unique beach wedding.

Where will the guests sleep once the festivities are over? Visit any online travel website for great hotel suggestions.