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Guide: Planning The Ultimate Cowboy & Western Wedding

A cowboy western wedding is the epitome of rustic wedding themes that focus on the beauty of the outdoors in a casual, exciting country style. Couples can have a great time choosing just how ‘country’ they want to be in terms of wedding attire, food, and decorations, and there is a lot of room for informal decor and details.

Choosing the Venue for a Cowboy & Western Wedding

You can tick off most of the boxes of getting a country wedding right when choosing the perfect venue. One that encapsulates various outdoorsy, homespun, and rough country details will set the tone for an unforgettable Cowboy western wedding.

If you have a relative or friend who owns a farm (you can easily rent one for the day), that usually makes an ideal venue. Beautifully appointed barns are lovely too, or you can go completely rustic and choose the banks of a crystal clear stream or a glorious meadow.

Decide with your partner whether the ceremony and the reception will be in separate places or whether you’re combining them in one rustic setting. With this country wedding style, you always want to look for areas undisturbed by foot or car traffic where there is plenty of space for guests to really take in the scenic view and fresh, wholesome air.

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Cowboy & Western Wedding Invitations

Following a theme as all-encompassing as a cowboy & western wedding means you need to put thought into all the details, and what better place to start than the wedding invitations?

The invitation can give guests a real taste of what to expect and how to dress. If you have time or are inviting less than the standard number of wedding guests, you can even make the wedding invitations yourself.

If you order them from somewhere or on Etsy, for example, choose materials like mason jars, twine, wooden frames or backgrounds, and chalkboard paper or lettering. You can even do a vintage rendition with Kraft paper and the like. If you want to add personal touches like dried wildflowers or an ear of barley, it will help create that authentic feel.

Country & Western Wedding Décor

Décor is where you will bring your vision to life, so put your thinking cap on and remember detail is everything!

First, jot down your color palette; you want a set of earthy tones from brown, beige, cream, and taupe all the way to a few color accents like turquoise or a blush pink. The colors you choose are also slightly dependent on the weather, so a wedding in autumn simply cannot do without burnt orange and amber!

Next, come the flowers; you want the flower selection and arrangement to be as naturally occurring and organic-looking as possible. Do not look to recreate perfection in crystal vases for a country wedding!

Use a lot of foliage and greenery, especially at table settings and centerpieces and on any banners and props. Next, use the natural wildflowers you can find around the venue or a few miles away from it. This adds to the sustainability aspect of the wedding since you aren’t having the flowers delivered from another location.

Use flowers such as hydrangeas, baby’s breath, succulents in abundance, daisies, sunflowers, and even cacti. You can pair the flowers with peacock or pheasant feathers and arrange them or hang them using twine. Wreaths are also a welcome sight in winters!

The rest of the elements need to be reminiscent of the hardy country life, so use handmade candles, torches and lanterns, ladders, and wooden vases and buckets.

When using candles, consider using wrought iron or wooden candlestick holders or mason jars so that no one can knock one over by mistake. Tree stumps, hay, and even open flames for a BBQ in winters are all elements your guests will appreciate for the authentic country experience.

Don’t forget to have a chalkboard where guests can write down their best wishes for the couple! If you want to add feminine touches, consider using fairy lights and lace and satin as part of the décor.

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Cowboy & Western Inspired Wedding Attire

Firstly, both the bride and bridegroom need to choose pieces that complement their body and make them feel good about themselves. The bride can go more vintage with an old-school off-white or cream lace dress and oversized cowboy leather or faux leather boots.

There is a ton of variety for bridal wedding boots available now, from pink or white suede with embroidery to white or beige leather. You can even order custom boots well ahead of time to make that classic cowgirl statement!

The bride can opt for romantic gowns or even knee-length ones to give that outdoorsy vibe. If you feel you want to rock a white silk blouse and an ankle-length skirt, you always have the option, especially to run around in the rugged outdoors!

The groom can do with or without a cowboy hat, although most grooms prefer one when they’re getting into character for their country wedding. Cowboy hats can be in any color that strikes the groom’s fancy, and they can match it with their tux and sport coat as well. For a more polished, dapper look, choose hats in colors like navy or dark blue and black.

Grooms can easily pair a semi-formal coat with jeans, since an informal touch can give that hardy effect of working the farm. Don’t forget the traditional cowboy staple of a gorgeous bolo tie with a straight white shirt, and incorporate accents of silver in buckles or cufflinks along with wearing vintage-style suspenders.

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Cultivating the Menu for a Cowboy & Western Wedding

Use the fresh country vibe to have an almost farm-to-table experience with fresh vegetable salads, fruits, and BBQ. You can serve margaritas beforehand or even corn on the cob as snacks for children (or caramel apples).

Grilled and fried Southern chicken and pot pie are also well-loved farm favorites. Don’t forget to have an assortment of cheese and butter, pepperoni slices, fresh-cut fruits and grapes, and a variety of dips in a grazing platter-style, so your guests are endlessly entertained.

A rustic, country-chic, or western-style wedding is always sure to delight all in attendance. The laid-back, relaxed environment lets people really enjoy themselves to the fullest. Add some interesting decor, plan a menu that delights, wear your best western wear, and create some unforgettable memories.