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wedding decorations

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas;

Simply elegant wedding table decorations! Submitted by Lori Cochrane

The bride’s colors were white, red and black, so I took black satin and covered the tables, sprinkling red artificial rose petals on the tops of the tables. Then for center pieces I went to Walmart and picked up .99$ mirrors in the candle section. On each mirror I placed a lit white or red tealight candle. The guest book/favors table were matching only I placed one larger crystal vase on a larger mirror with a lit votive in each vase. On top of each mirror I sprinkled crystal “drops” (aka floral beads aka dragon tears) and the candles flickering was reflected in the mirrors. The effect was stunning and I spent less than $75 for wedding table decorations!

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wedding reception decorations



reception decorating ideas


wedding reception decoration


wedding reception ideas


wedding reception decorations


wedding reception decorating ideas


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  1. donna

    Make your own monogrammed aisle runner! Get the instructions and materials list at Michaels crafts and decorating projects. It looks very easy and the end result is elegant.

  2. Sophie

    I made all my own centerpices with stuff bought at the dollar store, it was cheap and looked stunning at our December 30, 2009 Wedding. We did all the outdoor decorations also and it truly looked amazing.

  3. Cheap wedding

    Thrift shops can be a totally exciting bazaar in which to shop for an assortment of decorative stuff that could be put together to make any event decor look beautiful without spending a ton of cash. Requires some shopping time, though.

  4. Matthew and Leanne

    We wanted to include our dog in our wedding somehow, and when we were trying to think of an interesting way to number the reception tables, my brilliant Mom (credit where credit is due) figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone by using photos of our bulldog including (somehow) number signs.

    Bulldog Wedding Table Number

    The original concept would be to tape a number on her collar in some way, and take a photo, but she wouldn’t tolerate anything like that. We ended up putting peanut butter on the back of an empty picture frame, taking photos of her licking it and whatnot, and then afterward adding in the numbers we needed in Photoshop. In black/white and with some special effects, the pictures came out really nice. A quick trip to Staples, and they were able to laminate the 4×6 pictures. We shipped them to our florist to incorporate into the floral centerpieces.

    The result was a cool personal detail, that was subtle, but all the guests noticed it and smiled. It took a little bit of work, and we did it close to the wedding (I suggest doing it way in advance!), but ultimately these small wedding decoration details really made the day even more special.

  5. Tom

    One major key to making a romantic wedding reception is the use of light.

    Get rid of the overhead fluorescents and use uplights, spotlights and washes for the room.

    Then, on the tables, use lots of small light sources. Rice lights (tiny LEDs powered by batteries), Frisbee sized LED centerpiece bases add a great look to vases and floral arrangements. Glass vases with “glass beads or crushed glass” type fill with one or two small water proof battery operated LEDs can really make a table POP!

    The use of lighting is a lot less expensive than large floral pieces and can be customized in a million ways.

  6. Heather

    That was a great idea. Thrift shops can be a totally exciting bazaar in which to shop for an assortment of decorative stuff that could be put together to make any event decor look beautiful without spending a ton of cash. Thank you for the tips that you share.

  7. Nicole

    Thrift shops, and craft stores similar to Michaels can be a great place to pick creative wedding supplies. Other online stores with good prices and customer service are also helpful. One thing I have learned when shopping online it to call the store and insure the item is in stock. If your running behind schedule it pays to know your items will be shipped on time…

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