Q: “What Are the Top 10 Questions to Ask A Wedding Planner?”

Wedding planners can be extremely useful when it comes to alleviating either mounting stress emanating from the impending nuptials or ensuring your guests have as good of a time as you imagine them having when dreaming up your wedding day. Here are 10 items to have your planner address for you (always ask in conjoined bullet-point format, nobody likes a piece mailer):

  • Who is running the ceremony?
  • What order will people walk down the aisle?
  • How will the ceremony begin?
  • Music? Who handles the cues for the music?
  • Will there be a sound system for the ceremony?
  • Where will you go when the ceremony ends?
  • What time will the reception start after the ceremony? If there is a gap in time, what will your guests do?
  • What is the best time of day for ceremony and reception?
  • How many other weddings will take place at the same time?
  • How many photos will you receive from the resort photographer and are you allowed to bring your own?
  • Can my package be customized? Example: can you upgrade to “butler service” without the entire package?
  • Will we be using flowers from the location or do I bring my own?