Ways To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue That Won’t Cause Drama!

Colors, flowers, fabric, accessories, food, music, wardrobe, venue, guest list, vows–does this list ever end??  Your unique combination of these elements spells out the theme of your big day. With each detail comes myriad of decisions which make or break the feeling you’re visualizing. Feeling any pressure yet? I hope so! Want to relieve some? Good.  Here’s how to replace that pressure with serenity, grace, and genuine smiles from your bridal party as you walk down the aisle in your breathtaking gown.

The Perfect Wedding Venue
A Rustic Wedding Venue

Every party begins with a mental image. Sometimes this fantasy comes from a lavish childhood memory, other times this imagined occasion is media influenced. Maybe it’s a gorgeous magazine spread or a favorite movie scene. From there, it’s easy to hear the angel on your left and the devil on your right shoulder, duking it out before the planning even takes flight. “It’s perfect!” follows up quickly with, “You’ll never be able to pull that off!” and “It must cost a fortune; we can never afford that!”

If your mama hasn’t already told you, ignore little voices in your head! Sit back and take a deep breath. Make a short list of pivotal elements symbolizing your love for each other.  Usually the venue is a good place to start. Once you’ve determined where you’ll be wed, the venue often leads to a natural theme that is tingly-all-over perfect. Here’s how to keep the drama to an all-time minimum by choosing the perfect venue.

1.  Capture Your Style


There’s an amazing old ice cream parlor in an historical district near my home town. I can easily imagine a couple meeting there on a first date, hitting it off and returning for their wedding reception. Adding some ambient lighting and giant photos lining the old brick walls of their engagement period, maybe even a slide projector on one wall for casual viewing, with a vintage 40s romance theme.  Serve ice cream sodas and malts instead of ordinary cake. Finger foods are perfect in a setting like this, lined up at the ice cream counter for easy noshing. Add some great music and your favorite romantic colors and it’s a party, without the drama.

Other unique spots I’ve seen include a Harley Run complete with a black wedding dress, remote backpacking vistas with wildflower bouquets picked just before the nuptials, a city pier left undecorated except for the street lamps and spectacular sun setting on the water, amusement parks, favorite restaurants, and even the cemetery for a couple who met and mutually loved Halloween.

Classic sophistication

Museums, galleries, and theaters are steeped with grace and style, showcasing lavish fabrics and exotic hardwoods from around the world. What better way to share the joy of your historic occasion than such a grand setting? Drama will definitely be part of your day, but only in the best sense. Planning is simply and intelligently reduced to choosing your favorite sophisticated menu, wardrobe color scheme (black tie is quintessentially perfect in this setting, and a rich silk gown for your attendants will complete the look) and music.  To further simplify the details, invite caterers to present a menu reflecting the venue.

2.  Destination Weddings

Did you meet while cycling the Pacific Northwest? Perhaps kayaking the Colorado when your fiancé proposed? Did volunteering in Kenya bring you together?  Magnify these poignant memories by returning to that special spot to exchange vows.

Destination weddings are a wonderful way to keep drama to a glorious minimum. Send invitations to meet at a light house perched on the rugged Oregon coastline. One of our favorite clients fell in love at a remote vacation home several hours down a hairpin road. It was the perfect venue to exchange their vows, declaring their commitment before their family in the very spot they first fell in love. The reception was breathtaking, perched high above the mighty Pacific amidst the clouds of a wintry afternoon.  Despite the fact that this was the event of the year in terms of ambiance, quality and wow factor, this extremely busy bride tied up every detail within two months.

Letting a venue dictate your style simplifies planning while ensuring a personalized result as perfect as any Hollywood romance. If you want to keep drama to a minimum, let the venue be your guide. Take a few minutes to recall where you’ve shared significant moments. I promise you’ll be delighted with how enjoyable the rest of your planning becomes, with stunning results to make your wedding an affair to remember.