It’s Your Wedding, Know How to Make it Special


Many people believe that a wedding is all for the bride. She is the one who wears the beautiful gown, fancy shoes, and who stresses out over every detail. What people should understand is that the wedding is just as important for the man. If you are a man and are having a South Asian themed wedding or you are getting married in South Asia, there are several things that you should know to make the day as special for you as it will be for your bride.

Your Attire

While your bride will likely wow your guests with her gorgeous dress, you should also wow them with your attire. If you are having a South Asian wedding, you would need to wear a mens wedding sherwani on the big day. There are a variety of styles and contemporary fashions available to make you look elegant and trendy at your wedding. If you are getting married in South Asia, you can find a sherwani at any store. If not, there are several sites online that offer a huge selection.

Ceremony and Reception Venue

The venue for the wedding and reception should be something that both you and your bride agree on. Some couples choose a traditional church wedding, while others want to get married on the beach or in a garden. This is not just your bride’s wedding, it is yours as well. You should choose a venue that you both have agreed upon.

The Wedding Dinner

The food that you serve at your reception is very important. If you are getting married in South Asia or if you are having an Asian themed wedding, you should find a caterer who specializes in South Asian cuisine. The right caterer can tie the cuisine in with the whole theme of the wedding.


No wedding is complete without music. If you want your wedding reception to be great, you should hire the best wedding dj in Sydney or around. A good wedding DJ will listen to your ideas when it comes to music, rather than trying to get you to accept their ideas. You also want to hire someone who asks you questions about you, your bride, and your relationship during the interview. When they do, they will likely use this information to make your wedding reception more personal. There are couples who hire a wedding band. This can be a mistake. If the couple has a particular playlist in mind for their reception and the band does not know some of their songs, they can be very limited. A DJ will have all of the music that the happy couple requests and they can even take requests from guests.


Many couples will use a limo hire to get the bride to the ceremony and then the bride and groom to the reception venue. While this is a good idea, you deserve to be driven to the wedding in style as well. You can either use the limo after your bride has arrived at the ceremony to get ready, or you can hire your own. It is your wedding too, therefore, you deserve a luxury ride there as well.

As a man, your wedding is just as important to you as it is to your bride. Even though most of the focus is on the bride, your wedding should be a day that you will never forget. To be sure of this, you should give your input when it comes to all of the decision-making. This way, your wedding will be a day that both you and your bride will remember always.