Hankerin’ for a Western or Cowboy Wedding? Saddle Up With Our Favorite Ideas.

cowboy themed wedding

Have a hankerin’ for some good old fiddle music while you walk down the aisle?  Is a cowboy hat more your dress-up style than a tiara?  Are you and your beau both country to the bone?  Maybe you should consider a western themed wedding!  Western, cowboy and even country wedding themes are very popular, and they give brides a wide latitude in choosing how formal or informal they want their wedding to be, since western can easily be both – so it’s easy to find and coordinate everything from dresses and tuxes to flowers and favors.

western wedding

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Country Style Wedding Attire: Western outfits for both the bridal couple and the bridal party can range across a broad spectrum of color, cost, and formality.  The bride and her bridesmaids can wear anything from elaborate lacy Southern belle hooped gowns to slender tailored jean skirts trimmed with rhinestones.

The groom could don a fancy Western-design tuxedo and horseshoe cufflinks or black cowboy jeans, a nice white button-down shirt, a string tie – although a cowboy hat and cowboy boots with either ensemble is just about mandatory.

cowboy wedding ideas

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Flowers for cowboy or country weddings can also range widely from the formal to the informal.  Florists can accommodate a western theme by providing elaborate bouquets that feature sunflowers, daisies, and chrysanthemums.  However, local seasonal wildflowers are also an excellent choice for western-themed weddings, with the advantage that they should be relatively cheap, easy to obtain, and will probably provide a lovely fresh fragrance during the ceremony.

If you plan on having your western-themed wedding in the winter, but still want to use local flowers, speak with a local greenhouse several months prior – they may be able to pot up your favorite flowers and have them available for your wedding as both decorations and party favors for your guests.  Also, cacti are a surprisingly popular choice for western wedding decorations, especially if they are blooming – their blooms often have a delicate beauty that provides a nice contrast to all those sharp spikes!

country wedding flowers

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Western Wedding Cake
: We all know that the cake is the centerpiece of the wedding and something every guests anticipates seeing. For country weddings, you just have to have a cute cowboy and cowgirl cake topper or some other western themed topper for your cake. How about this fun western boots wedding cake topper that looks awesome.

western wedding

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Western-themed wedding favors are easy to find and there are many to choose from.  Items with horseshoes, horses  and cowboy boots are popular and can be found on candles, mint tins, matchbooks, pictures frames, and favor boxes.  For a more homemade touch, the bride or the bridal party can put together small burlap “feed bags” to give to guests that contain candy or spiced nuts. There are so many western wedding accessories like western themed guest books, cowboy style flower girl baskets, western toasting glasses, invitations and all sorts of cool cowboy party themed stuff.

Country Music: Put your cowboy boots on and get ready to dance because no western wedding or country themed wedding would be complete without country western wedding music!  Brides can choose to march down the aisle to a fiddle, guitar, or harmonica playing a romantic country favorite.  Wedding receptions can feature line dancing or square dancing.  Also, Celtic music is a style of music that is often closely associated and similar to country music and is frequently played at western themed weddings.

cowboy wedding ideas

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Country or Western Themes Decorations: We talked about country themed wedding favors, but when it comes to accessories and decorations, it is the little touches that can make all the difference. For example, check out the cute idea below for a rustic, country, cowboy wedding, it is a set of horseshoes as escort cards. Be honest, how much fun would that we at your cowboy wedding.


country themed wedding

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And finally, the western bride’s jewelry need not be confined to the usual elegant but restrained pearls or diamonds.  Instead, turquoise, jasper, antiqued silver, rose gold, and onyx not only make a unique statement but are especially well-suited to coordinate with colorful western wedding outfits.  The very popular “two trails become one” theme for western weddings can be beautifully and creatively expressed in many ways for western-themed wedding rings and other wedding jewelry.

country themed weddin

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A western theme tends to add a sense of adventure to a wedding, making it seem a little less formal and more colorful, and allowing both the bridal party and the guests to feel more freedom in expressing joy and just having fun.  The popularity of western themed weddings means there are several businesses that specialize in providing wedding items to suit just about any western taste.  So have fun when planning your cowboy wedding – the possibilities are endless!

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