Sure, when most people think of weddings, they imagine sleeveless gowns, piles of flowers, and riding off in a ragtop—with the top down—into the sunset. But is there anything more quintessentially, simultaneously glamorous and cozy than a winter wedding?

Winter affairs call for deep rich hues: emerald, sapphire, gold, ruby, pewter, and wine. (Peach-colored accents add a pop of warmth and cheer to a white and grey wedding.) And maybe it’s the barrenness of the trees, the festive vibes of the season, or the wide blank expanses of snow in winter, but winter weddings seem to call for more sparkle, more dress detail, more intricate centerpieces and accessories. For the décor, fill every space with light and warmth: sequined tablecloths, candles, string lights, and lanterns. For quaint yet surprisingly elegant touches, mingle bare twigs in wide glass vases with flowers or berries for centerpieces, or spray paint branches silver or gold for an even more dramatic touch. In fact, spray paint almost anything silver or gold for instant drama: vases, votives, pine cones, or tiny paper bags filled with candied walnuts or peppermint kisses for favors. Stay warm with a white fur wrap, elbow-length gloves, or long, laced sleeves. And keep your guests warm, too: offer a hot chocolate bar, spiced wine, or mulled hot cider.

And if you still need a reason for planning a winter wedding, what could possibly be better than slipping into a private hot tub on your wedding night before jetting off to a tropical resort and leaving all of that ice and snow behind you?

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