Father of the Bride Surprises Everyone With A Special Heartfelt Song

    Instead of toasting the happy couple, this father of the bride took the tradition to an entirely different level of sap-loving joy. Nicole Cortez, the blushing bride (the daughter of the man you see below), posted this video on YouTube after her dad melted the hearts of everyone that came to celebrate her big day.

    Watch as Nicole’s dad serenades the crowd with a beautiful version of the song, “I Loved Her First,” as he signs along with the lyrics. And no, Nicole isn’t deaf, but she is a sign language interpreter, which meant that her dad took a year out of his life to learn how to perform and sign the special song. Personalized and sweet, make sure to watch til the very end, where you see this protective father sign a special message to his new son-in-law. Surely, without a dry eye in the house, this is a beautiful example of how a dad isn’t only a special part of the bride’s walk down the aisle but an important part of their entire life. Grab a tissue and enjoy!